Skin dramas

I don’t know if anyone ever looks at my blog these days, I kind of hope not! It’s a good place to record things though, and I’m investing a lot of money in this.

My skin has always given me something to complain about, and lately I’m having more issues with breakouts and at 31 I feel a bit ridiculous about it.

I’ve signed up with Caci Clinic (Epsom) for their Reformaskin plan.

I’ve been keeping a record of my skin routine in a pretty journal, and am taking photos of my awful face as I go.

Journal listing skincare products on the left, and a chart of day and night time routine records.

Today I had my first consultation with a skin therapist, she asked me more in depth questions about my lifestyle habits and about the products that I use regularly on my skin.

The facial was focused on a little exfoliation then treatment for active acne, including a clay mask and witch hazel toner (this is about all I remember!) and my next sessions will be focused on getting my skin ready for micro-needling.

My aftercare instructions are to not exfoliate for 4 days, wear sunscreen, drink water. Cut the squalene and the niacinamide from my routine entirely.

I’m booked in again in two weeks.

A new coat of paint.

So, I’ve “finished” my tumblr theme.

I even made it easier on myself by bothering to add proper colour tags and such exciting things tumblr lets you do. It’s quite a novelty to be able to change the colours of everything on the page with a colour picker, after I spent so long picking out my palette in Photoshop.

Overall, a very painless process. I didn’t even have to exhaust Google.

There are a few more tweaks I see need to be made now that I’ve applied it to my main tumblelog (first to-do, sort out these misbehaving paragraph tags!), but I need me some zzz’s.

And besides, I’m already dreaming up the next one 🙂