Take my stuff – 29 to 31 July

One Tree Hill, Auckland

I have excess wardrobe to clear out. It’s all free but you can give Koha by bank transfer if you want to (more on logistics end of page).

Image of a rack of clothes

Clothing is “women’s” sizes 14-24, mostly around size 18.

Dresses formal and casual, skirts, blouses, a lot of “smart casual” and tidy clothing. There’s a bin of clothes to look through in addition to this hanging stuff pictured.

This image shows three shelves of various items as described in the page text

Also available: handbags, a couple of pairs of shoes (women’s 10), document holders, a small spark cellphone & charger, old but working WACOM drawing tablet, some dress-up items (wigs), lots of costume jewellery, sunglasses, hair accessories.

Jewellery and sunglasses, storage containers and hair accessories laid out on a table


When? Friday 29th – Sunday 31st July, 12pm-7pm daily

Email me to book a time to come by, I’ll respond with the address and to confirm, and I’ll give you my cellphone number.

email: cinch-lapels.0h@icloud.com

I will open the garage door for you at the time we agree and assume you have about half an hour to browse, try things on and take what will serve you.

  • Ask first if you want to park in the driveway as it’s shared
  • Some things will be marked not to take (coat rack, room divider screen)
  • It’s best not to bring tamariki (children) with you, as there are things that can be knocked over etc
  • Nothing behind the screen is up for grabs but you can try things on back there
  • Ask if you want the (damaged, roughly repaired) coffee table
  • The folding picnic table and chairs are for sale
  • You can bring friends or family if you know someone who might benefit
  • anything left after the weekend will be donated to a charity shop

I won’t be hanging out due to covid risk, sorry.


A lot of this stuff could be sold, and although I could use the money I don’t have the time to co-ordinate that.

Here “koha” means giving what you are able to in exchange for what you have received. If you can’t pay anything, that’s totally fine. But if you want to give some money for what you take, you can make a bank transfer to:

A Whittle