Microneedling first-hand, first time

I’ve been on the Caci Reformaskin plan since May, I first wrote about it here in August.

Mostly, I’m trying to repair acne scarring, congestion around the nose and chin, and take better care of my face as it gets older.

I’m enjoying being on a “plan”, knowing that I have professionals taking care of my skin health regularly. I go in for a facial every couple of weeks and have a chance to talk through how things are going.

Last visit I had microdermabrasion for the first time, that’s where a tool blasts little crystals at your face and sucks them away to slough away dead skin. I thought I would come out beet-faced, but it was totally fine if a little sensitive.

Today was microneedling day though, and it was a bit more of an ordeal. I saw a nurse for this treatment, as it’s a touch more invasive because it’s basically stabbing your face with little needles repeatedly all over. I look like I have a terrible sunburn.

Immediately before and after microneedling. Yikes.

After a consultation with the nurse, she smeared a numbing goo all over my face and I relaxed listening to what sounded like the old Classic Hits playlist from about 2002. I was about ready to drift off when she returned to administer the treatment.

The goo was wiped off – the strangest feeling having a numb face, just like when the dentist numbs you for dental work, but all over my face. I couldn’t feel the coldness of the wipes she used to remove the numbing cream except when she went a little further on to un-numbed spots – the strangest feeling!

Section by section, starting with my right cheek and jaw, she worked through the treatment. Applying some serum to my face then going over that with a tool that sounded just like an electric toothbrush. I mostly could only feel pressure, but it was painful over the cheekbone and around the jawline where the bone is nearer the skin.

To finish, some healing balm all over. I found it interesting that through the whole process, I never smelled anything.

I was a bit woozy sitting up, and looked immediately like a tomato. Aftercare is to avoid the sun at all costs, don’t touch, clean pillowcase, and no hair wash tonight. I won’t be touching my face until a rinse in the morning followed by reapplying the healing balm – which feels just like Cerave healing Ointment to me. I’m not sure what it is exactly as I just have an unlabelled sample pot to use myself.

I’ll be back to my normal skincare routine on Thursday (treatment day is Tuesday), and am told to expect redness for two days followed by some dryness and peeling, THAT should be fun. But THEN I should start seeing fresh new skin coming through from underneath. Fingers crossed for some miracles.

As part of the Reformaskin plan I’ve also got an at-home microneedle roller so I can poke myself in the face after it’s recovered from this round. You cleanse your face, roll all over it with the tool, then apply specific serums and night moisturizers. I’m a bit chicken of this as I don’t really want the sharps! All in the name of taking care of oneself, right?