Starry bokeh! After this pretty Photojojo post, and spying on The Bokeh Kit in the Photojojo store, I thought I’d have a go at making my own starry filter.

I used a thin piece of cardboard, cut in a circle just larger than the UV filter on my 50mm f1.8 lens (I’m used to getting some sweet bokeh out of this lens).

Next, I scribbled a star onto the cardboard circle and carved it out with a craft knife. The cardboard sits on top of the UV filter I have permanently attached to the lens to protect from dust.

To keep the cardboard in place, I put clear plastic wrap over it; held fast by a rubber band which fits snugly behind the UV filter and leaves the focusing ring free.

This is what my camera looks like with it’s makeshift filter:

DIY Bokeh filter

The picture is just fairy lights on my bed headboard, but next will be streetlights, glitter(!), light reflected in water, coloured lights, highlights in almost anything…

There are a couple more images over on flickr.