Pretty much my new favorite movie. “Away We Go” was made last year and directed by Sam Mendes (best known for American Beauty and Revolutionary Road), why did I not know about this sooner?

I now have a major crush on Burt Farlander (played by John Krasinski from the US version of The Office), the somewhat geeky but adorably hilarious 30-something boyfriend who just wants to be the best dad he can be. That guy should always have a beard and glasses.

The film follows Burt and his partner Verona as they travel America and Canada visiting friends and family and looking for a new place to settle. With three months to go before the arrival of their daughter, there is a huge focus on the parenting methods of the people they visit.

It’s not all babies though, with a few life lessons acknowledged, this film has a lot to share.

With music by Alexi Murdoch (of “Orange Sky” fame, one of many great tracks from Garden State), there was no way I was not going to love this movie. Definitely watching again.