My first ever amigurumi creature!

I learned crochet when I was a teenager, my mum showed me how to make a beanie (it was pretty average, of course). My boyfriend wanted one too, so I have a half finished blue crochet beanie floating around at home somewhere – the enthusiasm waned.

When I started knitting creatures, people started either commissioning them or asking me to show them how to make ‘em. When Anne found out I was going to teach a few people how to knit, she lent us her book – “Super Cute – 25 Amigurumi Animals to Make”.

Amigurumi is crochet, rather than knitting (knitting uses two needles, crochet uses a crochet hook), and Anne bought the book out of interest rather than to actually make something!

So, this pattern is from that book and is called “Cute Kitten”. I picked it because it looked pretty simple, and once I got back into the hang of the stitches it was fairly straightforward. Hoorah!

The kitten is going to find a new home with Anne, to thank her for lending me the book. Next, I’m going to try this adorable pattern (probably without tentacles).

The Crochet Magic Ring starts most crochet projects. This video is a stack easier to follow than the description in the book I’m using.