Things I like part 1

So, I’ve been meaning to start listing all these wonderful things I’m fanatical about. But there’s never been an oppurtune moment to create an exhaustive list.

The plan is, to list off a few as and when I remember them. In no particular order. Eventually, I should have a fairly accurate collection. So here goes.

  1. Bubbles. As in the kind you blow, with bubble solution. They feature prominently in my list of loves at the moment. Particularly, Catch-a-Bubble by Peter Fish Toys, which I am seriously considering buying hundreds of.
  2. Photography. Flowers, friends, streets, fruit, cityscapes, landscapes, bands. I love it, even though I still don’t really know what I’m doing with my camera, it’s plenty of fun trying to work it out.
  3. Fairy lights. I’ve always loved them. Like candles, without the burns.
  4. Yellow. It’s summer. I bought a great yellow indian silk scarf on special from Equip. It has little silver pieces on the ends which make pretty little jingling noises. I think the enxt step will be a yellow top.
  5. Turquoise. It’s also my mum’s favorite colour. A 21st present, I have a beautiful set of turquoise stone jewellery which really needs an outfit to match.
  6. RSS feeds. They keep me entertained at work, and I’d much rather have unread items on my feed reader than in my work inbox.
  7. Patterns. Usually floral, of the classy variety. Vintage ones. Muted colours make the best wallpapers, particularly effective for dual screens. Offline, they are awesome on accessories – wallets <3

More to follow. Feeling guilty.