Joining the iPad Chorus

Stephen Fry has written a wonderful article on the iPad launch over on

His approach acknowledges the common gripes we’ve all been reading about, but my connection with the article was through the insight he shared of Apple’s approach to creating the product.

He introduces Johnathan Ive and the Apple design department, and nails what sets them apart:

“What Ive and his team understand is that if you have an object in your pocket or hand for hours every day, then your relationship with it is profound, human and emotional.”

“Apple’s success has been founded on consumer products that address this side of us: their products make users smile as they reach forward to manipulate, touch, fondle, slide, tweak, pinch, prod and stroke.”

I had to smile at how easily I could relate to Stephen’s description of his first moments using an iPad:

“When I switch it on, a little sigh escapes me as the screen lights up. Ten minutes later I am rolling on the floor, snarling and biting, trying to wrestle it from the hands of an Apple press representative.”

My MacBook Pro arrived when I was a fresh grad working in a pharmacy by day. The courier dropped it off minutes before I had to leave for work, but I couldn’t resist opening it and turning it on.

I can still remember the crisp “new Apple” smell, the thrill of the startup sound, the beauty of the screen coming to life… It’s reassuring that I’m not the only one, and that Apple’s products are designed to make you fall in love. All power to me for not calling in sick that day.

Fry offers a compelling comparison which cements his adoration and highlights his rapidly formed emotional attachment:

“My iPad is like a gun lobbyist’s rifle: the only way you will take it from me is to prise it from my cold, dead hands.”

As someone content not to own an iPhone, and as one sitting on the fence in the iPad debate, I sure am tempted by this article to spend the cash. Will you?