We just put another site live today. This is for Monteith’s Single Source, a new craft beer which they have just launched today – it’s only available online, and by the bottle in the 29 Craft Bars from Friday.

Things I have learned from temporarily wearing my Project Manager hat again:

  • It’s really satisfying sticking with a project from the first ideas and planning right through to delivery
  • It’s also very stressful, as is my regular job, but in a different way. I don’t think I realised just how different it was, having had such a long transition period away from Project Management
  • Sometimes, Google Analytics code is actually supposed to go at the top
  • Our team here does a damn good job, both in design and development
  • Things always always take longer than you expect them to, so promise to deliver in double the time you expect to, and you will be about right (actually, I already knew that one, but haven’t actually put it into practice yet)
  • Check who is using IE6, make sure you’re nice to them
  • I am too optimistic when it comes to some things, and pessimistic when it comes to others. I need to swap those things.
  • If you have to work all weekend, it’s cheaper to feed your dev team on delicious things from the supermarket than spend too much on Thai
  • Sleep is underrated, don’t do without it