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Oh boy, I loathe the Skycity Cinemas site with a mighty passion. I once emailed them about it with some friendly tips, and yes a bit of a whinge.

Why oh why did they think it was a good idea to slap on a poorly implemented bastard cousin of cover flow?

I did get a response to my rant:

“Thank you for providing your feedback on the Beta version of our new
website. As the site is set out a little differently it will take a
while to familiarize yourself with it and we understand that this can be
frustrating. Thank you for giving us your thoughts regarding the
difficulty you experienced while looking at our site.”

And that was April 2008. Ech.

Have you tried to browse that site mobile? Take my advice and just don’t.

Redesign – excellent idea. Send it!


Marshall redesigns the Skycity cinemas website, a dramatic (and much needed) improvement. Send it in man, nice work.