Teux Deux or not Teux Deux


Normally when the first thing I read about in the morning is another To-Do app I feel queasy. The market of GTD apps and productivity boosters is pretty well saturated.

Teux Deux feels like a breath of fresh air. It looks a bit like a breath of fresh air as well. It does what a lot of To-Do apps don’t. It just does To-Do’s.

The juggling act of dealing with tags, contexts, lists, sub-lists, projects becomes a project in itself. Perhaps that system of anal organisation works for some – but I think designers will respond to the simplicity and ease of Teux Deux, which conveniently enough is its intention.

Personally, I think it’s going to work extremely well in conjuction with the 18 Minute Plan.

Teux Deux was designed by swiss miss and built by Fictive Kin.

I started using Teux Deux at the end of last week, and think it’s awesome. My handwritten to-do lists always go astray.