Sunday in the botanical gardens in Wellington. I got sunburned (bad), it was lovely and relaxing (good).

Antony and Laura collected me from Cuba street the morning of my last day in town and took me to the gardens for a picnic. I had my little purple suitcase with me and Ant kindly helped carry it.

It’s a bit of a walk to get up the top under the pines where we spent most of our time, but worth it for some space away from so many others who were also out to enjoy the park.

Laura and I lay on the ground, listening to music; she drew and I read while Antony built citadels out of pine cones, sap and sticks. The light filtering through the trees looked and felt wonderful, and I like this picture because I think it holds that light really well.

This picture is of Ant talking Laura through the north and south strongholds of his imaginary civilization. There are a few more pictures over on Flickr.