I’ve been so slack in posting pictures since my trip! But tonight I’m very proud of my efforts. Two hours spent on these My Little Pony themed nails. My left hand is Rainbow Dash, and my right hand is Twilight Sparkle. I just happened to have all the right colours to pull this off!

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Did you know I have a second Tumblr blog? It’s where I indulge my girly obsessions with beauty products and especially nail polish.

This is one of my most epic manicures yet!


The Langham Manicure

The kind folks at Langham Auckland gifted me a bottle of their limited edition Langham Pink OPI polish so that I could recreate their signature wallpaper look in a manicure.

Boy, those floral designs are complicated! I followed the basic shapes and curves of the flocked pattern with a tiny paintbrush.

I painted my own real nails plus one fake nail which I used as practice to start – that was a new experience, I was able to prob the falsie in the perfect position for me to paint. So simple! Now I understand why so many people just paint false nails and stick them on, but I still think it’s cheating!

Three coats of the Langham polish got the nice opaque pink, a solid slow design in Orly gold finished the pattern. The result is super delicate and pretty, with a subtle shimmer from both polishes. Delightful!