On Saturday, Nikki and Callum came over for some more photos.┬áHe’s six months old now, so has grown up a whole lot since our first session four months ago – he’s playing and laughing and has learned a lot (like how to sit up!).

He’s gorgeous and happy and just a delight to be around.

Technically, I wasn’t very happy with how the pictures came out this time round – I didn’t make such good use of the light in the room as last time, and the “backdrop” (er, white sheet) wasn’t my friend either.

Not sure if it was because I was in a bit of a mood (dentist visits do that to you), or because he’s a lot more mobile and harder to entertain now so perhaps it was more challenging for me to get “good” shots. That being said, we caught a few belly-laughs and twinkling eyes, a lot of the expressions that really make him who he is.

His mum, dad and grandparents are super stoked with the fresh lot of photos (which aren’t taken on cellphones or with a horrific flash in his face), and it’s really nice that they are so excited about them even if I’m not so much.

Either way, this is my favorite picture from the day. If you view it large, you can see his mum’s silhouette in the catchlight of his lovely right eye. While he chews on my pretty yellow scarf.

Here’s to a better time next sitting!