The Ana{b}log project from New Zealand’s first Laneway Festival on the 1st of Feb was a neat idea.

The Ana{b}log is a spectacle, an antidote to the same-same expectations of Web 2.0 – a genuine conversation with kids on the street. – Amber Parkin (codeforsomething)

The crowd could interact with the board, posting “tweets” in the twitter column; “scribes” ran around the festival experiencing the acts, interviewing and reviewing while the writers back at the board updated it every 20 minutes or so.

Two things I think they could have done to step it up a notch:

  1. Referred to the event properly, it’s called “Laneway” not “Laneways” (yeah, snob I know)
  2. Taken a decent photo of the board after each update, and posted it online on the “digital version

All that content they generated, and it all got washed away! I guess that may have been the point though.

The Ana{b}log is but a fleeting moment in time… a record that is subject to the elements – the wind, the rain and 15-year-old boys writing naughty words about their anatomy. – Amber Parkin (codeforsomething)