We Can Create 2011 – Day 1 / Storify

Hosted by The Church, and spread over the 26th and 27th of August, We Can Create is New Zealand’s biggest art and creative industries showcase. This story takes a look at the lineup and catches the response from the crowd on the day.

Read the full story on Storify.

I’ve been experimenting with Storify. I like the idea that it lets you curate and capture information from around the “social web” to form something a little more cohesive. They even stretch so far as to call it a Story.

If you’ve been watching your dashboard avidly, you may have seen this story show as a post here. Storify has a feature which lets you export your story to your Tumblr blog. It’s about half way there – the initial push is great, but if you try to edit it on Tumblr as I did, it all turns to custard.

For the post to be a fair one on Tumblr, I needed to be able to add a break and “read more” link – because it really is very long. I added some tags too, and saved. But this completely ruined the formatting of the post, so I deleted it.

The story basically gives a rough outline of We Can Create, Day 1 – with a particular focus on content generated under the #WeCanCreate hashtag. It was an interesting excercise. The process was pretty simple, and the Storify facility easy to use – this story took two uninterrupted hours to put together.