I bought one of these beautiful Aeon World Travel Journals for a close friend for her birthday. She and her partner are off on a traveling adventure this year, and this journal was the perfect gift.

Nice leather, not too heavy. Cream-white acid free pages of a nice stock for writing – not sure what paper weight. Includes 80 pages worth of full colour maps for places all over the world. Chose this one over the Moleskine travel journals as it’s worldwide rather than city specific.

You can buy them online here. I bought one from Passion for Paper in Parnell, would love one when I’m ready to fly away 🙂

“The Decision Maker Mark 2”

This is freaking gorgeous and I WANT IT BAD.

At $59 USD excluding postage though, the exchange rate is most definitely not working in my favour. Damn.

adorapop on etsy has all sorts of mythical delights. I do have a glorious range of jewely boxes since my 21st which some of these pieces would look just lovely inside…