I’m very glad to discover that the first roll of 35mm film I put through my Diana F+ in it’s 35mm back wasn’t destroyed. It’s taking a long time to work through the pictures, but it’s super rewarding.

I got this roll developed along with a roll from my Diana Mini, and it turns out the shutter on the Mini has been stuck open, so only one picture is somewhat legible – bummer! I took some snaps on my very first visit to Melbourne a few weeks ago which I was excited about seeing.

So now, I’ve pretty much managed to break everything – Diana Mini shutter issues, accompanying F+ flash not firing with shutter release, Diana instant back not pushing instax through, Diana F+ shutter issues and errant spring… Ahhh, so accomplished.

Diana F+, Lomography 100 35mm film (sprockets! yay!), photo taken at Flock House in Bulls during Camp a Low Hum in February.

Double exposure, Auckland late 2010. Diana Mini, kodak gold 200.

I upload all (or nearly all!) my lomo pictures to lomography.com, and it never ceases to surprise and delight me when people “like” photos I’m not fond of myself. Sadly, it makes me attribute them with much more value.