If you can’t get it fixed in time… Buy another?

I picked up a new Diana F+ clone today, Glow. It looks yellow on the lomography site, but it’s actually lime green and white. The flash unit looks a whole lot better on my Edelweiss camera too – because it’s white. 

The top of the camera has glow in the dark stars printed on it! Stars! Reminiscent of my tweenage days, when my ceiling was plastered with greenish glow in the dark stars.I’m delighted.

You can see the camera in this photo. it’s over to the left. Picture is me experimenting with the viewfinder that goes with the Diana fisheye lens and my cellphone. Fauxfisheye?

Fiji tomorrow, I’m just taking my cellphone and my new friend glowie. And a stash of film 🙂