Sufjan Stevens playing “Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois” from his Illinois album, as part of his encore at last night’s (very epic) show at the Bruce Mason Center.

My favorite photo from the few I snapped – more on flickr.

This is Sufjan Stevens’ last moment on stage last night. It was a technically terrible shot but I really loved the moment, the expression, and black and white is quite forgiving!

Breathtaking show, I loved every minute.

Sufjan Stevens, Bruce Mason Center, Auckland 07/02/11. More pictures on flickr.

So, it turns out it’s worth going back and revisiting photos you’ve taken and previously dismissed.

This is from The Mountain Goats playing the Kings Arms in April – always worth going to see John Darnielle.

Just got back from the Vampire Weekend show at the Bruce Mason Center, I loved it!

Hadn’t been to a gig there before, only seated shows, but it was a great venue for it, tonnes of people. We had a laugh making fun of hipsters (realising all the while that we looked just the same), and inventing a brilliant game called hipster snap.

I wish I knew they were so casual on security, I left my real camera at home not knowing what their policy was. Kicking myself. These are from my cellphone, we were in the best spot in my opinion.

Walcott as an encore was a resounding success, would definitely see that 75 minute show all over again in a heartbeat, it was great.