Pt 2: An open letter to Countdown Greenlane

Last week, I wrote about an incident in a supermarket, and the letter I sent management about it.

I received a response, and responded with more questions. Read on for these.

Perhaps holding businesses to account for safety, or even just encouraging them, can happen from the outside into the business too?

I suppose my point is, speak up. Follow up. Speak up some more. Especially on behalf of those who can’t do so.

Hi Anthea, 

Thank you for your feedback about the incident in store recently, yes I was made of this by my Duty Manager and have coached him on how we could handle this better in future.    We provide team with Conflict training during induction and we do refreshers at various points. Unfortunately it doesnt look like the team have used this training which is disappointing. Our duty managers should lead this during any event so I have added this to our catch up last week.

I do apologise for any inconveinence caused and if I can be of any further assistance please let me know


Paul Maxwell

Store Manager

Countdown Greenlane 9128

I’m publishing this email without express permission, though as I’m doing it in good spirit, I hope if I need to disclose publication or am “found out” it won’t be a big deal.

So, great, the incident was reported, some stuff was done about it. Some people talked a bit. I still have questions, so sent a follow up, I hope it inspires some more action but judging by the hasty email above… Perhaps not.

Hi Paul,

I’m pleased to hear from you. I’d just like to know what procedure should be for your team in this kind of situation? What should they have done?

I have friends who are victims of abuse and/or who are ill, vulnerable and fragile and I want to know how they would be looked after in this kind of situation.

I don’t “blame” anyone for this incident but it’s a really good opportunity to look at a real scenario and take notes to do better for customers and for your staff too.

Thanks for listening,
Anthea Whittle

I’m still rolling this topic around in mind, how can we make public or semi public places safer? And again, talk to me if you like. Here, on Facebook if we are friends there, or on Twitter: @antheaw