The city is so exhaustingly claustrophobic sometimes, there’s so much noise and it’s impossible to get away from other people.

This picture is a double exposure from someplace I’m going to go and hide for a few days this summer. The plan is to swim, take pictures and forget about the internet for awhile.

As a side note, this picture is cropped but not by choice, it’s just the only scan I have. Any recommendations for backlit scanners that won’t break the bank? I have a pile of negatives to scan, some fancy scanning masks, but am missing the key ingredient.

My local photo lab is driving me crazy, but I just can’t beat the convenience. Posting film to Wellington just takes so long! I’ll have to scan this roll in myself, but I loved this photo instantly so couldn’t help posting it.

Taken in Birkenhead while wandering round the neighbourhood waiting for a NZFF film at the Bridgeway.