This is the last 25 minutes of my drive home to Papa Aroha, Coromandel. Making a time lapse video on the drive home has been on my projects list for ages, so very glad to check that box – even if it does make me a little carsick to watch.

Will be doing the same thing in darkness this Friday night, perhaps I should make a clip of that too?

The city is so exhaustingly claustrophobic sometimes, there’s so much noise and it’s impossible to get away from other people.

This picture is a double exposure from someplace I’m going to go and hide for a few days this summer. The plan is to swim, take pictures and forget about the internet for awhile.

As a side note, this picture is cropped but not by choice, it’s just the only scan I have. Any¬†recommendations¬†for backlit scanners that won’t break the bank? I have a pile of negatives to scan, some fancy scanning masks, but am missing the key ingredient.