Instagram Ad Fail

I really want a new dressing gown. My old dressing gown has stains on it and I feel rather frumpy in it.

Screenshot of an advertisement in "Instagram Stories" feature, ad shows a woman in a turquoise and pink patterned kimono reading a magazine. Ad has a discount code for 15% off "SUKI15"

Funnily enough, I’m scrolling Instagram and see an ad for a gorgeous looking kimono… I check out the company’s website. It’s a good price, with free shipping from Australia. I wasn’t sure what the currency was, but for $25 for a cotton kimono, I was interested.

There were some generic sounding reviews on the company website, so I thought I would check their social media to see if any of my friends followed them and what their following was like.

Their website didn’t link to their social media, but I had found them through Instagram, so I went back to the Instagram ad and checked the advertisers profile.

It “looks” good, there are 19.7k followers, 56 posts… It has a bio and emojis and a grid of beautiful pictures. I clicked one of the more recent posts.

Complaints. Lot of customer complaints. They were answered, and answered in a friendly way, but posts had few likes and many comments about support issues, looking for refunds etc.

Really really don’t advertise on Instagram if you aren’t ready to sell to people! This company really needs to walk before they try to run.

I wish them luck!