Fiona Quinn Photographer: Fresh!

Link: Fiona Quinn Photographer: Fresh!

Fiona and Katie came and bid me a happy birthday yesterday (thanks ladies!).

I told Fiona I loved her Tumblr blog – I really love how she posts more than just her images, she adds in some commentary about the location, the models, the challenges she faced on the shoot. It makes for an insightful read and is a great example of how people can demonstrate their expertise on their blogs.

Of course, the photography is stunning too – follow her!

One of my favorite posts:


This is a cute shoot I did with the very talented stylist Courtney Sanders. She has this very cool site always sometimes anytime The model is Emily from Clyne I love her young fresh all Americana look it suits the Miami beach vibe that Courtney was going for and works with the retro feeling of…