I invited Derwin Panda, a.k.a. Gold Panda, to NPR to deconstruct a song – any song — from his debut album, Lucky Shiner. Panda chose his hypnotic single, “You,” and with just his laptop and a sequencer, he broke the song down into its component parts.

Jess Gitner for NPR Music. Click through to listen to the audio clip. ‘Tis good.

Your social graph is the most important thing you have that can be represented in bits. With it, I can manipulate you. I can change your tastes, your attitudes, even your politics. We now know this is possible – and probably even easy. But to do this, I need your social graph. I need you to surrender it to me before I can use it to fuck you over.

Smoke Signals by Mark Pesce

Absolute must read, contextual, mind bending and honest.

The net and TV are more like wine and beer. Sometimes I want to sip quietly and discuss things like soil, vintage and region. Other times I just want to do a few keg stands and pass out.

Confession #69: Snooki Saved My Marriage

Dave Pell’s blog Tweetage Wasteland has been a thought provoking, relatable and entertaining addition to my RSS subscriptions. I love how he observes the effects of connectedness and internet culture without being patronising. He’s inclusive, and uses personal examples which have you nodding and laughing rather than backing away in defensiveness.

I think Kris mentioned this blog awhile ago, so thanks for the heads up Mr Lane.