Alice in Wonderland is one of those things I watched as a child which scared the hell out of me.

The oysters, the dog/broom who brushes away the path, the freaky everything.

It’s been years since I’ve watched the film, but even this clip reminds me why I can’t even think about parts of that movie without a slight panic.

I love the idea though, perhaps reading the book woudn’t cause such trauma.

Clip brought to my attention by Sheena:

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Mary Wilke: I was tired of submerging my identity to a very brilliant, dominating man. He’s a genius.
Isaac Davis: Oh really, he was a genius, Helen’s a genius and Dennis is a genius. You know a lot of geniuses, y’know. You should meet some stupid people once in a while, y’know, you could learn something.

Manhattan (1979)