If Auckland’s lost it’s shine since the reveal of the new logo concept, perhaps Liam Finn’s guide to Auckland will inspire you.

Produced by 100% Pure New Zealand and MTV, the video is part of a campaign for Tourism New Zealand to showcase the “real New Zealand” through the eyes of New Zealand artists.

From MTV Australia:

‘MTV’s Guide to New Zealand’ gives an intimate look at the personal, home-grown experiences of some of the best Kiwi-born music talent from the last decade, including internationally renowned rapper Scribe, punk-rockers the Mint Chicks, and Liam Finn.

The presentation of this video by new TNZ Chief Executive, Kevin Bowler, was my favorite part of yesterday’s Tourism Auckland Update conference.

The Dodos on Letterman 08/01/10 playing “Fables” from 2009 album, Time To Die.

This clip has nothing on the live performance, I’m tempted to drive an hour to see their last NZ show tonight.