Wireframes Magazine

I’ve been getting really excited about IA lately, wireframes, information heirachy and clever ways to display a lot of complex content.

I found this blog last week and have come back a couple of times to borrow ideas on wireframing techniques to suit some of what I’ve been working on.

A couple of posts I found interesting:

SIDS New Zealand

SIDS New Zealand work with the community supporting anyone affected by the death of a child, including parents and family as well as friends and community workers.

There are informative courses available for new parents, health workers, and any other caregivers who work with children.

The site features a multitude of resources for the wide range of people affected by SIDS, or any other cause of death of children.

The SIDS Helpline runs 24 hours, seven days a week and is staffed by a wonderful group of very dedicated volunteers – people who have experienced SIDS in their families and want to pass on support and compassion.

There is a “Family Stories” section which houses stories and tributes to children who have passed away, and information on how to support anyone you know who may be going through this horribly difficult experience.

This site was conceptualised, designed, and built over a two week period in 2007 by Hayden Hunter and myself for the very first yMedia Challenge.

Expression Engine is used to allow the community group to maintain the site themselves, and it’s been awesome to see how well they do so.

News and resources are maintained, andย  heart-wrenching stories from those affected by SIDS are always being added by the SIDS Staff.

SIDS as an organisation are dedicated to their media strategy, and are this year encouraging nominations and votes for their site as Best Community Website in the 2009 Netguide web awards.

Wishing them all the best for the awards!

A new coat of paint.

So, I’ve “finished” my tumblr theme.

I even made it easier on myself by bothering to add proper colour tags and such exciting things tumblr lets you do. It’s quite a novelty to be able to change the colours of everything on the page with a colour picker, after I spent so long picking out my palette in Photoshop.

Overall, a very painless process. I didn’t even have to exhaust Google.

There are a few more tweaks I see need to be made now that I’ve applied it to my main tumblelog (first to-do, sort out these misbehaving paragraph tags!), but I need me some zzz’s.

And besides, I’m already dreaming up the next one ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t buy me chocolate rabbits. They are too cute and I can’t eat them. Their faces haunt me.

Choccy eggs however, are welcome.