Been baking. These are vegan cupcakes with cream cheese flavoured duotone buttercream roses.

I know, cream cheese and buttercream do not sound vegan. Did you know professional buttercream is made from vegetable shortening? It keeps better*. Thank goodness – doing a cake decorating course without sampling the frosting would have been rather difficult.

These babies will be sold off to sweet toothed TRN staff to help me recoup the ridiculous amounts of money I’ve been spending on baking stuff lately…

*Apparently most use meringue powder though (with egg) to get the buttercream to “set” a little.

Cute! I helped Nathalie at work to make a cake for her little brother Aaron’s 8th birthday this weekend. It’s a dirt race-track with grass, if you can’t tell!

Cake is eggless chocolate cake with vegan chocolate buttercream, the grass is tinted vanilla buttercream.

The banner may be my proudest moment, so THAT’S why I bought those tiny wooden pegs!

Photo galleries at work sometimes have amazing images submitted.

Coast has a competition to “win a second honeymoon” by submitting a photo from your wedding day. This has to be my favourite image, but there are lots of W T H photos too.

The profile photos of everyone in the Camp a Low Hum Facebook group have a certain flavour about them.