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Anthea Whittle is a creative living in Auckland, New Zealand. With a professional career in online media underway, Anthea started suffering extreme migraine-like symptoms in late 2012. A year later, she was first diagnosed with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. A little-understood neurological disease which, combined with mental health struggles, have forced Anthea out of full time work and also her freelance work as a digital strategist.

This site is a personal blog, which started in 2008 on Tumblr and was moved to a hosted WordPress site in 2018 due to Tumblr policy changes.

Personal Statement

Tēna Koe! I’m Anthea. I’m available for collaborating on creative projects, particularly paid writing opportunities. Everything happens within the frame of my illness presently, and I prioritise my health first – most of my work must be completed remotely. Fortunately, I’m great with a computer!

In writing, I offer the perspective of a young Māori woman raised rurally in New Zealand, with a foundational Māori education prior to a more typically “English” style education through secondary and tertiary school – both university and private/alternative college. I’ve worked in family owned businesses, multinationals, my own business, and grown up with parents working in public service and the private sector. I’ve travelled alone, with friends, with family and hope to travel more. I have a broad background to draw from in my work.

I encourage organisations to amplify voices of minorities and particularly women. I’m always pleased to network with others so I can pass appropriate opportunities to the people best to tell their story.


If you have a project in mind, or just want to reach out and say hello, please contact me.
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